Join us every 2nd Friday of the month for Downtown Loveland's 'Night On The Town' where we will exhibit a different local artist each month in our gallery. 6pm-9pm   September Artist: Ardeth Carlson

At the age of 11, Ardeth Carlson bought a boxy green “Snappy” camera from Sears, and that was the start of a lifelong hobby. Now that she is retired, she has had time to combine that love of photography with an interest in birds, which has the added benefit of quality outdoor time and good exercise! She has created and printed two books of bird photos through the online publishing service. She also enjoys photographing a wide variety of subjects in addition to avian life, including landscapes, flowers, and people, and she shares many of her photos on the website. She lives in Loveland with her husband, Don, and is an active member of the Loveland Photographic Society.